Eid Guidelines

Eid will be celebrated on either Saturday or Sunday. Here is a short video and some guidelines to follow when coming to the Masjid:

- If you are sick or have a fever, please stay home.
- Due to constraints, salah is for men only.
- Make wudu at home.
- Bring your own prayer rug.
- Wearing face mask is mandatory.
- Follow directions of the volunteers.
- Park and stay in the vehicle until salah time.
- Pray salah right next to the car (as shown in the video).
- Maintain social distancing (minimum of 6 feet apart).
- No handshaking or hugging.
- After salah go back to your vehicle and listen to Khutbah.
- Leave right after the Khutbah.

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Prayer Times

Thursday, May 28th 2020

FAJR 4:59 5:45
ZUHR 1:24 2:00
ASR 6:12 7:00
MAGHRIB 8:20 Sunset + 3
ISHA 9:49 10:00
Juma Salah:
English Talk: 1:30 pm; Khutba 2:00 pm

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