Masjid Taqwa Services

The following services are performed at The Islamic Center of Osceola County (ICOC), Masjid Tawqa.

  • Five daily prayers
  • Juma prayers
  • Funeral services
  • Marriage counseling
  • Youth and family counseling
  • Divorce issues
  • Classes for adults and children
  • Youth program
  • Educational counseling for high school and college students
  • Weekly Tabligh Istema

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Prayer Times

Friday, July 20th 2018

FAJR 5:12 5:45
JUMA Bayaan 1:20
Khutba 2:00
ASR 6:20 6:45
MAGHRIB 8:26 Sunset
ISHA 9:54 10:10
Juma Salah:
English Talk: 1:20 pm; Khutba 2:00 pm

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