About Masjid Taqwa

The Islamic Center of Osceola, Masjid Tawqa is a nonprofit, non-political, religious organization, cooperative effort of the Muslim Community in Kissimmee and Central Florida.

The Islamic Center of Osceola was established in 1998 to provide a place of Islamic activities to the growing Muslim Community in South Orlando and Kissimmee.

The Masjid is located at 2417 N Central Ave, Kissimmee, FL 34741 near Florida Hospital and is minutes away from Disney and other attractions.

Taqwa Expansion Project

The ICOC is currently undertaking a large construction project adjacent to Masjid Taqwa. This development, titled 'Taqwa Professional and Commerce Center', will provide a larger place for the Muslim Community in Central Florida with ample parking space. The ground floor of this new development will be a business center to provide financial support to this non profit organization.

This is a $3.5 million project and provides an opportunity to the Muslims in the local community and all around the world to participate in a great cause.

Please click on the button below to make a donation towards this project.

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Our Location

Operating Hours

  • Open for 5 daily prayers and other activities

Prayer Times

Thursday, February 25th 2021

FAJR 5:38 6:15
ZUHR 12:40 2:00
ASR 4:45 5:15
MAGHRIB 6:26 Sunset + 3
ISHA 7:42 8:00
Juma Salah:
English Talk: 1:30 pm; Khutba 1:45 pm

Second Jumah Salah
Khutba 2:30 pm

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